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Inferno: One of the pillars of Counter-Strike maps

de_inferno was created by Chris “Narby” Auty and introduced on June 27th, 1999 in Counter-Strike 1.1.


Inferno is one of the pillars of Counter-Strike maps. Its been a part of Counter-Strike since 1999 and was finally reworked in 2016 to give it the current updated look. 

The map Inferno was originally created by Chris Barney Auty and introduced in Counter-Strike 1.1 back in 1999. Inferno was updated and changed over all versions of the game, including an official upgrade in Counter-Strike: Condizition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source. Both versions were largely different from the original one, most notably the Condition Zero version, which was set at night.

Valve decided that Inferno should be one of the maps in the Active Duty Map Pool when CS:GO was released, and kept everything the same, except for visual changes. Inferno was re-skinned again back in 2016 with several gameplay adjustments. Even though the map has had a very interesting evolution over the years, it has kept its reputation as a heavy utility map. Inferno is historically CT-sided, but has recently come closer to even for both sides. The most iconic spot from the map is Banana.

Iconic spots

Banana on Inferno is one of the most iconic locations in Counter-Strike history and one that has seen numerous of memorable plays happen. It’s one of the locations on the map that gives viewers so many incredibly and tense matches between the best teams in the world. Inferno is a big part of the Counter-Strike history and so is Banana.

On the original version of Inferno, Adam “friberg” Friberg was crowned the “King of Banana” for his legendary plays in that area. The Swede stood above the rest and made himself a name for being one of the most proficient players while defending the well-known location as a B anchor player.

Historical plays

The most iconic moments in CS:GO are often defined by a combination of their finer details: the passion of the casters, the hype of the crowd, and of course, the timeless genius of the plays themselves. In CS:GO few have captured that better than Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer’s Deagle Ace at DreamHack Open London 2015 against TSM. A path of destruction so astonishing, it would set the bar for all Deagle plays to follow.

All-time best player stats


s1mple | 158 Maps | 4214 Rounds | +929 K-D Diff | 1.37 K/D | 1.24 Rating


coldzera | 178 Maps | 4817 Rounds | +799 K-D Diff | 1.27 K/D | 1.17 Rating  


Twistzz | 193 Maps | 5107 Rounds | +717 K-D Diff | 1.23 K/D | 1.15 Rating


device | 250 Maps | 6563 Rounds | +858 K-D Diff | 1.21 K/D | 1.13 Rating


ropz | 163 Maps | 4404 Rounds | +616 K-D Diff | 1.24 K/D | 1.13 Rating


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