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The imaginary World Cup of Counter-Strike

Here at we can't really let go of the thought of a World Cup. Here is what it could look like.

The imaginary World Cup is held every second year between the 27th and 30th of December. All matches will be played on LAN in an Arena.


27th: Group A and Group B (bo1)

28th: Group C and Group D (bo1)

29th: Quarter-Finals (bo3)

30th: Semi-Finals and Grand Final (bo3)


16 nations will participate.

10 nations from EU - 2 nations from NA - 2 nations from SA - 2 nations from Asia/Oceania

Rules of the selection:

No roster can include more than three players from the same team.

Nations and players:

Group A:

Canada: NAF, Twistzz, FaNg, stanislaw, HexT

France: bodyy, NBK-, ZywOo, JACKZ, apEX

Sweden: Brollan, hampus, nawwk, KRIMZ, REZ

Romania: iM, regali, CHANKY, XELLOW, lauNX

Group B:

Israel: Spinx, xertioN, flameZ, NertZ, anarkez

Russia: sh1ro, Ax1Le, Fl1T, m0NESY, Jerry

Kazakhstan: neaLan, ICY, Hobbit, buster, Qikert

Argentina: try, Luken, tomaszin, fakzwall, meyern

Group C:

USA: Grim, EliGE, oSee, Swisher, autimatic

Germany: tabseN, JDC, syrsoN, faveN, Krimbo

Denmark: device, blameF, stavn, Magisk, jabbi

Poland: hades, dycha, KEi, siuhy, kRaSnaL

Group D:

Ukraine: s1mple, sdy, b1t, Kvem, zont1x

United Kingdom: smooya, mezii, Cypher, ALEX, volt

Australia: jks, INS, dexter, aliStair, Hatz

Brazil: KSCERATO, yuurih, insani, HEN1, biguzera

Who would win?

Current World Cup

There is actually a nationally based tournament at the moment held by the Internation Esports Federation (ISEF). The 2023 edition of the tournament is to take place in August, where 24 teams face each other in Iași, Romania. The IESF World Esports Championship 2023 is listed as a B-tier tournament, where the prize pool is $100,000. You can read more about the tournament on Liquipedia here.

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