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Iconic map is the least popular in Pro League so far

With only three maps played in the ESL Pro League, it seems the map has fallen out of favor among pro teams.

ESL Pro League has revealed its most played maps so far, and surprisingly, the iconic map Mirage is at the bottom of the list. With only three maps played in the league, Mirage has fallen out of favor among the pro teams, raising questions about whether it’s time for Valve to rework the map and take it out of the map pool.

Over the years, Mirage has been a staple in the competitive CS:GO scene and has even been the center stage for some of the most epic matches in history. However, it seems that the map is losing its charm and is no longer appealing to the teams. With only three maps played in the Pro League, Mirage has fallen behind in popularity compared to the other maps, which have been played multiple times.

The most played maps in the Pro League so far are Inferno, Overpass, Nuke, Vertigo, Ancient, and Anubis, all with more than three maps played. Valve has a history of reworking maps, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Mirage was the next map in line to receive a makeover.

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