How The Thunderpick World Championship Is Making Waves In eSports

When a sector can generate the sort of profit that the eSports industry has been able to over since 2010, it encourages all sectors that have an association with it to try and innovate.

From the gambling markets that have emerged due to professional video gaming to the best gamer add-ons like headsets, microphones, and in-game controllers like wheels and joysticks. However, the gambling markets that run parallel to eSports tournaments are causing a significant stir at the moment. 

Gambling companies like Thunderpick haven’t just identified this growing trend, they’ve started their own World Championship tournament to bring even more visibility to a burgeoning corner of the gaming industry.

The Thunderpick World Championships

As gambling companies reap the rewards of the immense, continuous growth in the professional video gaming industry, companies like Thunderpick are pushing themselves ahead of the competition. It isn’t their first time innovating in this industry, though. Thunderpick was among the first gambling companies to offer crypto gambling markets in eSports tournaments. So for the millions of people who enjoy watching professional video gaming and are privy to the nuances and innovation in finance that cryptocurrency has brought to the world, they can find a common middle ground at Thunderpick, which continues to pioneer in the sector at a breakneck speed. 

The Thunderpick World Championships is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, and you can find out more information about the innovative contest at where a complete list of the rules and tournament stipulations are listed. Ultimately, this is a groundbreaking move from a company that continues to set the trend and explores new terrain in the highly profitable gambling industry. It’s another strong signal from a market leader that they want to continue to make up ground on the traditional gambling market and use creative, unique angles to do so. 

Significant Prize Pool

One of the critical reasons eSports have become such a global phenomenon is the incredible prize pools on offer via a unique digital payment. There was once a time, in the not-too-distant past, when professional video gamers couldn’t even turn their skills and talent into a real job that could pay the rent. In 2023, this couldn’t be further from the truth; there have been several eSports tournaments with prize money in the eight-figure sum region.

While Thunderpick doesn’t have the financial arm to offer these sorts of prizes, the World Championships has a substantial potential prize of $600,000 in Bitcoin for the CSGO team that can come out on top when the tournament concludes in November. This sum is the highest-ever prize a gambling company has offered in an eSports tournament and one of the first ever in Bitcoin.

The reason that this is such a big deal is because the eSports industry, despite its innovation, has a small number of companies with a tight hold on the industry. A challenger casino like Thunderpick, which not only uses Bitcoin as an effective payment method that allows people to place their bets more securely and with more convenience, but offers an excellent range of eSports gaming tournaments that you can bet on, is changing the way people operate and view the industry as a whole. 

Method Of Payment

While Gen Z increasingly turns to alternative investments like Bitcoin, industries can identify this trend and provide traditional markets catering to new customers. However, although cryptocurrency sportsbooks and casinos are starting to grow in popularity, there’s still a long way to go before they can challenge traditional gambling providers that have been in the industry for over twenty years. 

However, offering actual Bitcoin prizes that can rival a lot of professional eSports tournaments is something that hasn’t occurred in the gambling industry before. Not only have Thunderpick been able to offer this, but by combining the crypto prize money with a competition involving some of the top teams within the professional video gaming world, such as Evil Geniuses, they’ve captured the imagination of gamers worldwide. 


By honing in on CSGO specifically, Thunderpick has been able to separate itself from many of its other competitors within the crypto betting industry. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a significant global following and a variety of markets underpinning the game. It is the success of these associated markets that has helped CSGO become one of the biggest names in eSports, and eSports gambling markets are now arguably the biggest and most profitable secondary CSGO market. 

However, the Thunderpick World Championships has helped to put the spotlight on the multitude of available crypto gambling markets that extend beyond CSGO via the innovative operator. It’ll be intriguing to see how this plays out, given that it is one of the first ever large tournaments offered by a gambling provider, and if it’s the success that many people believe it will be, expect to see some of their counterparts mirroring the idea in other eSports games.

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