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How to surf in CS:GO

Catch some concrete waves and consider this game as a playground.

Take a break from all the competitive matches and go on a surfing adventure.

Counter-Strike is all about killing enemies as it is a shooting game. But many gamers cant stand limiting themselves in anything, so luckily for everyone, CS:GO offers plenty of other ways to enjoy the game.

Surfing has been in Counter-Strike since its early 1.6 days and it’s probably the most popular custom mode in CS:GO. Suring in Counter-Strike is very different compared to a good, old-fashioned competitive match. These surfing maps challenge players to avoid obstacles and to reach as far as possible, while your hero moves with amazing speed. To put it simply, surfing is fun and it’s satisfying to achieve a perfect run on a surf map. Think of surfing like driving a round a course, it’s basically the same principle.

While surfing may be a nice way to spend time, it may also help players to improve a few aspects of their performance in-game. Successful surfing depends on the player understanding general movement, crosshair placement, and judging speed in relation to distance. Surfing won’t directly improve your aim or game sense, but it can learn you how important it is to make smooth, sweeping motions with the mouse, as jagged movements usually result in you slipping of the side of a ramp. Getting into the habit of using sweeping motions will not only help you on a surf map, but will also be generally useful in competitive matches, particularly if you play with a low sensitivity.

Watch this video if you want to learn how to surf:

How to find CS:GO surf servers

The easiest way to get into surfing in CS:GO is by joining a community server in-game, and there are different types depending on what you’re looking for. Some surf servers challenge you to race to the end of the map as quickly as possible, whereas combat server reintroduce weapons to the fray. Here’s how to join a surf server:

  • Launch CS:GO and select Play CS:GO

  • Choose the Community Server browser option in the drop-down menu.

  • Type “surf” in the search bar at the bottom of the window, then click on a server from the list, and Connect to join the server.

When you join a surf server for the first time, it may take a little time to download the assets, but after a few moments you’re ready to get started.

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