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How did the polish city Katowice become center of one of the most prestigous CS:GO tournaments in the world?

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice has become a central part of electronic sports.

Ever since Intel Extreme Masters came to Poland the city has become a central part of global electronic sports. Katowice has become a centre for esports tournaments, particularly for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), due to the efforts of the city and the surrounding region to promote and support esports. The city and the region have invested in building modern esports venues and infrastructure, and have also worked to create a welcoming environment for esports events and their attendees.

One reason is that the city has a strong infrastructure for hosting large events, with venues like the Spodek Arena, which can accommodate up to 11,500 spectators. Additionally, Katowice has a thriving gaming community, with a number of local organizations and teams that are active in the esports scene. The city has also made a concerted effort to attract esports events and has invested in resources to support the hosting of these events. The location of Katowice in Central Europe also makes it an easily accessible destination for international visitors.

In addition, Katowice has a strong history of hosting major esports events, which has helped to establish it as a destination for these types of tournaments. The combination of these factors has contributed to Katowice's reputation as a center for esports tournaments, particularly for the game CS:GO. The city is also perfectly connected and easily accessible for fans and people from around the world.

Over the years has Intel Extreme Masters Katowice been the arena for top events in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, hearthstone, Fortnite, and many other top esports games. Since 2013 has the arena sold 80% more tickets to International Visitors from around the world.

The next big IEM Katowice tournament will be held from Jan 31st - Feb 12th. The world's best will compete against each other for a stunning $1.000.000 prize pool.

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