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Highlights: Complexity vs G2 – Evil Geniuses vs Vitality

Watch all the best plays and moments from Tuesday’s matches at BLAST Premier Spring in Group B.

Without a single map lost in the event, Complexity earned a top-2 spot in Group B of BLAST Premier Spring yesterday, ending their poor run of form leading up to the event with two clean victories, first over Vitality and then G2 yesterday. blameF and company proved that the impressive victory over Vitality wasn’t a one-hit-wonder, as they handed G2 the very same confident 2-0 defeat.

16-14 (Mirage) | k0nfig – 1.23 Rating / 23-18 K-D / 79.8 ADR
16-12 (Dust2) | blameF – 1.28 Rating / 23-16 K-D / 88.3 ADR

Watch the best highlights from the match right here:

In the other matchup for the day, Evil Geniuses managed to keep the BLAST Premier Spring Final qualification hopes alive following a hard-fought 2-1 victory against Vitality in the elimination stage at Group B. They will face off against G2 today in the consolidation final to find out who will make it to the Group B Final against Complexity.

16-9 (Nuke) | stanislaw – 1.42 Rating / 23-12 K-D / 87.5 ADR
16-8 (Vertigo) | ZywOo – 1.79 Rating / 26-11 K-D / 102.2 ADR
16-12 (Inferno) | Ethan – 1.30 Rating / 28-24 K-D / 92.0 ADR

Watch the best highlights from EG vs. Vitality right here:


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