Credit: ESL and Adela Sznajdar

Highlight: karrigan completely outsmarts syrsoN in 1v1 clutch

No one can beat the FaZe IGL when it comes to mind games

Clutching in any given round requires a handful of abilities, it is not enough that you are a great aimer, you will also need the ability to remain calm, cool, and collected in the most pressured situations. When it comes down to a 1v1 clutch it is all mind games, whilst reaction time and mechanical skill, of course, still play a huge factor, if you can outsmart your opponent you have probably just secured the round.

A player that isn't exactly known for his mechanical skill, nor his clutches in general, is "karrigan". However, what the Danish IGL of FaZe lack in the Techincal department he makes up for with his incredible knowledge of the game as well as his ability to read any given situation. When left alone with the task of taking down "syrsoN" in a 1v1 scenario, the Danish IGL does what he is best at, playing mind games. Reading the situation to perfection he takes down "syrsoN" without any sweat on his brows and wins a dire round for his team:

The Grand Final brawl between BIG and FaZe is currently LIVE and on its third map of the Bo3-series. You can watch the battle right here down below:

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