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Credit: ESL - Carlton Beener

“He is cheating.” – What it felt like playing against shroud

Watch a compilation of shroud’s best pro plays from the opponent’s perspective.

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is a retired Canadian pro CS:GO player of Polish descent and is currently a full-time streamer. The Canadian star played since the launch of CS:GO and rose to prominence through the popularity of his stream, in which he was displaying his talent in-game. In 2014 on August 1st, he was acquired by Cloud9 and signed as a permanent player for the roster. He was the second longest-standing member of the team with Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert until he decided to step down from the pro scene, as he wanted to become a backup player and full-time streamer for the organization, although at this point, he had already decided to retire and did so in April of 2018.

This is a compilation of the Canadian FPS king in CS:GO with his best plays from the opponents perspective:

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