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Grayhound and ORKS knocked down to Last Stage Bracket

Both teams had no chance in their lower-bracket matches.

Group A of ESL Pro League Season 18 has seen Vitality and Movistar Riders winning flawless victories in the first two rounds. The two teams will now face each other in the upper final of the group, where the winner will advance straight to the Quarter-Finals of the tournament.

In the lower bracket, both Astralis and FURIA managed to escape the Last Chance Stage for now with clear-cut wins against ORKS and Grayhound. The Polish team from ORKS only managed to win 11 rounds in total against Astralis, while Grayhound did a little better winning 14 rounds in total against FURIA.

Day 3 of Group A continues today with matches in the lower bracket, where GamerLegion and Astralis face each other in the early game of the day, while NIP and FURIA go head to head later tonight. The losers of the match will drop down to the Last Chance Stage, while the winners face each other tomorrow in the lower bracket final, where a 3rd place finish in the group is at stake.

Grayhound and ORKS will begin their run in the Last Chance Stage tomorrow.

Today's schedule: (CEST)

16.00: Astralis - GamerLegion
19.30: Ninjas in Pyjamas - FURIA


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