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Global Elite or Gold Nova? This is how you CS2 rating compare to CS:GO

Data from over 453,000 matches reveal how the old ranks of CS:GO compare to the rating system in CS2.

With the introduction of the new Premier Mode in CS2, Valve made a new rating system. You can now track your progress in a much more transparent way, which will allow you to get a better understanding of your current level.

But many users who were used to the ranks of CS:GO are curious to know, how the rating system of CS2 compares to the old rankings of CS:GO.

One of the sites that are able to make that comparison is Scope.gg. The site offers analytical data for all CS2 players to help improve your game. At the same time they also track the ratings of all their players, which allows them to make comparisons with the same players from before and after the release of CS2. 453,000 matches have been analyzed since the full release of CS2, and this is how they match the two different ways of ranking players.

The data was sampled on the 16th of November. The biggest difference from the data we have seen before is the extended rating of Silver players. Beforehand they were estimated to be in the category of 0-1999 in a data tabel from Leetify.

We have compared the two guidelines from Scope.gg and Leetify here.

0-4911 (S1-Silver Elite Master)
4911-7951 (Gold Nova 1 - Gold Nova Master)
7951-10243 (Master Guardian 1- Master Guardian Elite)
10243-13750 (Distinguished Master Guardian - Legendary Eagle Master)
13750-15461 (Supreme Master First Class)
15461+ (Global Elite)

Leetify (data from the limited release of CS2)

0-1999 (S1-Silver Elite Master)
2000-5999 (Gold Nova 1 - Gold Nova Master)
6000-8999 (Master Guardian 1- Master Guardian Elite)
9000-12999 (Distinguished Master Guardian - Legendary Eagle Master)
13000-14999 (Supreme Master First Class)
15000+ (Global Elite)

The Global Elite threshold has moved a little, but it is the Silver category that has seen the biggest change during the past months.

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