New tool can give you the extra edge can help you predict CS:GO enemy tactics while you are in-game.

A brand new analytical tool can be used during the five-minute warm-ups before FACEIT matches. Scope Prematch analyzes the opponents' last five games on a selected map to determine the enemy's most frequent positions on the CT-side, possible pushing scenarios, timings, and movement patterns in various situations: with AWPs or assault rifles.

The manager at Scope. gg says "Scope Prematch works as a live esports team analyst: it studies the opponents' behavior and suggests several strategies based on the data received. With the help of Prematch, players understand the game better, adapt to enemy play styles, choose appropriate grenade throws, crosshair positioning, and overall round tactics,"

if you would like to read more about this amazing tool, you can go to where Prematch just got available under the subscription page. is a CS:GO analytical and training platform that provides a training tool for players of all skill levels that want to get the extra edge while playing.

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