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Credit: ESL | Bart Oerbekke

BIG outclass the underdogs in confident victory

XANTARES shined for BIG in their confident victory against HellRaisers.

The opening round match in Group A was between David and Goliath, with the highest-ranked team in BIG taking upon #34 in HellRaisers. The difference in level between the two sides was clear to see from the very start. Even though HellRaisers showed great character on the first map of Inferno, the strong Germans from BIG closed the series in confident fashion.

BIG vs HellRaisers (2-0) | DreamHack Open January

16-13 (Inferno) – XANTARES | 1.46 Rating / 23-15 K-D / 85.6 ADR

16-7 (Mirage) – XANTARES | 1.71 Rating / 24-12 K-D / 103.0 ADR

Highlight of the match:


Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş | 1.55 Rating / 47-27 K-D / 93.3 ADR

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