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FURIA fe set to lose starplayer to Asian team

One of the best women’s CS:GO players in the world is reportedly set to leave FURIA fe and join an international team.

In a surprise move, Olga “Olga” Rodrigues, a star player for FURIA fe, is reportedly close to leaving the Brazilian organization. The news has left fans wondering about the future of one of the best women’s teams in Brazil.

Olga, who was voted the second-best Women’s Player of 2022 by HTV, is a significant firepower for FURIA fe. The rumors about her departure have sparked speculation that she may be joining an international team. A recent report by Game Awards and confirmed by Dust2 Brazil indicates that Olga will be joining HSG fe, a top women’s team based in Asia. Her decision to leave the team has caught many by surprise.

The nws of Olga’s departure from FURIA fe comes at an inconvenient time for the team as they have just started their ESL Impact League Season 3 South America campaign, in which they will now have to field Gabriela “gabs” Freindorfer to fill out the gap.

While FURIA fe has yet to comment on the transfer, it is believed that Olga’s move to HSG fe is all but confirmed.

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