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First time in Major history! No Russian players at the playoff stage

Check out the nationalities of the remaining players at the Paris Major.

Despite having one of the biggest and most powerful collection of CS:GO players over the last couple of years, Russia won’t have a single representative in the playoff stage at this year’s Paris Major, making it the first time in the history of the game.

That became clear yesterday when NAVI fell short against FaZe, leaving Perfecto and electroNic out of contention for the overall title.

Two other big Counter-Strike nations that also have fallen behind from their previous heydays are France and Sweden, as they only have a couple of players left in Paris, respectively. Down below you can see all the player nationalities from the playoffs.

Nationalities of the 40 remaining players:

Denmark (9): TeSes (Heroic) – stavn (Heroic) – cadiaN (Heroic) – sjuush (Heroic) – jabbi (Heroic) – dupreeh (Vitality) – Magisk (Vitality) – acoR (GamerLegion) – karrigan (FaZe)

USA (3): nitr0 (Liquid) – EliGE (Liquid) – oSee (Liquid)

Ukraine (3): sdy (Monte) – Woro2k (Monte) – DemQQ (Monte)

United Kingdom (3): Thomas (Into the Breach) – CYPHER (Into the Breach) – volt (Into the Breach)

Poland (3): rallen (Into the Breach) – siuhy (GamerLegion) – kRaSnaL (Monte)

France (2): apEX (Vitality) – ZywOo (Vitality)

Latvia (2): broky (FaZe) – YEKINDAR (Liquid)

Norway (2): jkaem (Apeks) – rain (FaZe)

Canada (2): Twistzz (FaZe) – NAF (Liquid)

Sweden (2): isak (GamerLegion) – nawwk (Apeks)

Israel (1): Spinx (Vitality)

Estonia (1): ropz (FaZe)

Netherlands (1): CRUCIAL (Into the Breach)

Belgium (1): Keoz (GamerLegion)

Romania (1): iM (GamerLegion)

Jordan (1): BOROS (Monte)

Slovakia (1): STYKO (Apeks)

Lithuania (1): jL (Apeks)

North Macedonia (1): kyxsan (Apeks)

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