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Find out what pros think about 6 man rosters

Listen in on pros giving their opinion about teams establishing a 6 man roster and their view of it in the future in an interview with betway esports.

Astralis and Vitality are the two big teams who have pushed the new 6-man style roster, which has caused a lot of talk in the community if it’s the right way to go. 

Beyond alleviating an intense schedule, possible visa concerns, and overall burnout, having multiple players signed to a roster is not a new idea but it is the beginning of the future and various organizations have committed to the concept. 

“I definitely think six-man rosters are necessary nowadays, but it all depends on how you do it. I quite like the way Vitality has done it and I think it was necessary for them because they had some issues on certain maps and they’ve chosen their player well and done a good job. I’m not a massive believer in the way Astralis are doing it. It seems more like Bubzkji is there in case anyone cant play more than he’s going to be fighting for a place, but I have no issue with that if you’re open and saying we’re just going to bring someone in as a sixth player who’s just going to replace if we need a replacement. That’s fine with me.” Alex from Cloud9 said in the interview. 

Listen in on what other pro players have to say about a 6-man roster in an interview with betway esports. 

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