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FalleN in heated debate with former General Manager

The Brazilian legend believes that he has an unresolved issue with his former team and General Manager.

Yesterday evening, it was announced that Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has joined the American super-team Liquid. With the transfer, the Brazilian star leaves both his home country and MIBR to pursue a career in the holy land. However, Saturday wasn’t all fun and happy days for FalleN.

Because the Brazilian IGL took part in a heated debate with his former General Manager at SK Gaming Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen on Twitter. The reason for the dispute consisted of a disagreement of a prior contract between the two parties, dating back to 2016-2018 in FalleN’s time at SK Gaming. The two individuals did not hold the same perception, with FalleN stating that his former manager is lying.

“Is it true that it took you 3 years to pay sk's (SK Gaming) fine for taking them out of the contract?”

It was Tomi Kovanen’s answer to this exact question, that fostered the argument which clearly made the Brazilian legend upset.

“That’s not true as you never paid me and made sure I sign without receiving it. Signing an NDA with you doesn’t mean I will see you lying on social media and be quiet”

You can read the entire thread here.


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