CS GO is Gone, What Should You Expect in CS2?

Esports disciplines keep evolving throughout the years as developers hope to make lasting impressions in the ecosystem.

Valve has been at the forefront of ensuring that the Counter-Strike Global Offensive remains appealing even to newer audiences, hence the launch of CS2. 

Such moves present a chance for gamers and players to capitalize on unique opportunities at gg.bet pl to play and guess outcomes for fun and money. Counter-Strike has been one of the most-loved esports, attracting millions of live streamers globally and hundreds of professional players aiming for prestige and huge pool prizes. 

Many players from Poland and worldwide have been testing this game, and it appears to be an iconic release. With the launch of CS2, players and fans might be curious to discover what the new release brings. 

We evaluate the new release to determine what’s in it for gamers and how they can enjoy the latest addition.

An Overview of CS: GO through the Years

Before diving into what CS2 is like, it would be better to look at how Counter-Strike has evolved since its inception. First, there have been approximately 7200 CS:GO professional tournaments, with the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being the most prestigious event with 2.75m viewers. 

NiP were the initial dominators before Fnatic, NAVI, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, and FURIA caught up, with Astralis boasting the bragging rights as the most successful team to compete in CS:GO events. You cannot forget to mention S1mple’s impact in the tournaments as the most experienced FPS player.

Besides, organizers like ESL and top-notch broadcasters like Twitch have been instrumental in the steady growth of this title. While at it, forgetting to mention the impact of community casters like Galues, who have been influential in spearheading the growth of Counter-Strike.

A Look at Counter-Strike 2            

There was a drop in Counter-Strike viewership in June 2023, even with Valve on the verge of launching the new addition, CS2. This move promises a better release that could transform Counter-Strike – what should you look forward to?

1. Reduced Rounds

CS2 will be played on fewer maps using the MR12 approach, meaning you can win after 13 reaching rounds of play. All the competitive games will be reduced to 24 rounds, unlike in the former title, where players had to cover 30 rounds. Besides, players can also compete in overtime mode when both sides draw (win 12 maps).

2. The Upgraded Buy Menu

The Buy Menu has elegant features to appeal to players when looking for game-based utilities like guns. Unlike the previous one, located on a wheel-like menu, the new one has a grid-like UI that replicates an inspiration from Danger Zone (2018’s update).

The other addition to the Buy Menu is the possibility for players to sell weapons they accidentally bought. Also, you can know what your teammates possess to avoid buying similar weapons.

3. Performance-based Rating

CS2 comes with a new metric to rate players based on their performances besides the competitive rank. A premier leaderboard considers your achievements and losses whenever you play CS2 Premier Mode.

4. Inspect Grenades

This feature is a new addition to the maps’ playtest, just like you would inspect weapons. It is a fun element with animation-like themes to keep gamers entertained. You will notice amusing graphics when inspecting grenades. For instance, you can see liquid with added gravity every time you inspect the Molotov grenade. 

5. Responsive Smokes

The previous Counter-Strike version had a smoke feature where the area would be filled with smoke-like fog. Players could struggle to remove the smoke and had to wait until it expired to disappear. 

But now the latest release has responsive smokes – it reacts to explosions and guns. This feature makes it easier for players to see what’s happening and re-strategize. You can use HE grenades to make the smoke disappear.

6. New Loadout System

CS2 now allows players to choose what guns to bring to battle. This feature is an added element where gamers can drag their preferred weapons to the buy section and lead them to their matches.

You can select mid-range weapons, rifles, or pistols to aid your battle skills. A counter-terrorist playable character would prefer M4A4 or M4A1-S (silenced) for better attacks.

7. Anti-cheat System

Valve has an anti-cheat system to prevent players from using hacks to outsmart opponents. The developers have ensured they added a new mechanism, VAC Live, a feature that detects cheat attempts. This feature makes the match end whenever a cheating attempt is noted.

8. Source 2 Game Engine

Valve has revamped Counter-Strike to ensure fans can enjoy all there is to CS2. The release comes with a new engine to ensure players get unmatched gaming. Everything is now accessible on Source 2, which has an alluring UI to enhance user experience.

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