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CS demos can now be downloaded again

You can finally review your own matches again in CS2.

With the full launch of Counter-Strike 2, Valve temporarily removed the opportunity to download your own demos. This was done to protect the servers from overload with all the new players jumping on the game for the first time.

Now we are back to normal times, which means that you can now download your demos.

The way to download your own demos is very simple. As seen in the image above, you need to press on the tab next to the home button that says "watch matches and tournaments". Here you can find your own matches, and if you have played one recently, you are now able to download and watch it. This system is working the exact same way as in CS:GO.

You can see all the new changes and patches to the game, that Valve deployed in the latest update to CS2 in the video below.

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