All our coverage and interviews from BLAST Premier Fall Final |


All our coverage and interviews from BLAST Premier Fall Final

We're on the set in Royal Arena! Be sure to not miss our content from the big event.

BLAST Premier Fall Final has been concluded with the home favourites from Heroic grabbing the title in front of a packed Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We had a reporter present in Royal Arena throughout the entire week so we could deliver the best possible content. In this article, we'll collect all our interviews and content from the prestigious event, updating the list every day. Give it a look down below.

[Interview] Heroic owner after BLAST Fall Final: There is a lot more to come

[Interview] “The hard work has paid off”: jabbi after winning his first title with Heroic

[Interview] Twistzz after Grand Final loss: Heroic are for real!

[Interview] cadiaN: I'm proving that this style of calling and thinking CS is super efficient

[Interview] es3tag: We have something to build on now

[Interview] ropz: It's going to be a banging Grand Final!

[Interview] YEKINDAR on joining Liquid: I came to a completely different team compared to Outsiders

[Interview] NAF on the state of Liquid: It’s not about the players or what’s going on internally anymore

[Interview] Brollan after upsetting s1mple & Co: This is not the NAVI that won a Major

[Interview] sjuush after beating G2: Every team are overthinking themselves when they play against us

[Interview] NiKo responds to YEKINDAR criticism: I want to meet Liquid again so we can smash them

[Interview] karrigan: People were beginning to underestimate us

[Interview] Maniac on G2: I don’t know if they would stick together if they’re eliminated early

[Interview] nexa after elimination: The firepower of degster and flameZ is not enough

[Interview] B1ad3 talks about NAVI’s plan for next year in terms of the IGL role & new fifth

[Interview] Ninjas in Pyjamas coach djL: We are not where we want to be

[Interview] stavn on cadiaN’s ”sick” calling: It’s really nice to have him in this mood, he's just feeling it

[Interview] Hooxi on Dust2 removal: I had the whole team whining about it

[Interview] rain after smashing OG: We have a lot of redemption to do after IEM Rio Major

[Interview] m0NESY on changes in G2: Losing JACKZ was tough

[Interview] degster: I think that in OG I can be the best player in the World

[Interview] Hampus on device exit: I'm a little bit disappointed, I wanted to play with him longer

[Interview] Twistzz: The skill gap between tier-1 and tier-2 players is gone

[Press conference] s1mple: Sometimes It feels like stupid people work at Valve

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