Counter-Strike 2 Update: Enhancements for CT economy, new Vertigo A-site design, and new rental option

Today’s update for Counter-Strike 2 brings a host of exciting changes that aim to balance gameplay, enhance visual effects, and introduce new features for players to enjoy.

Valve deployed another update to Counter-Strike 2 last night with a focus on CT economy, Vertigo, and a brand new feature, where you can rent the content of the new Kilowatt Case for a week.

CT Economy Adjustments

One of the key highlights of this update is the adjustment to the Counter-Terrorists (CT) economy, which has been a focal point for feedback from the community. Two significant changes have been made:

Price Reduction for the M4A4 and Incendiary Grenade: The cost of the M4A4 rifle and the incendiary grenade has been reduced, making these essential tools more accessible for CT players. This change is expected to help CTs better manage their economy, especially in the early rounds.

Reduced Cash for T’s on Bomb Defuse: Terrorists will now receive less money when the bomb is defused. This tweak is designed to slightly shift the economic balance, encouraging more strategic play and making defusal rounds more impactful for the CTs.

Visual and Functional Updates to Incendiary Grenade

In addition to the price cut, the incendiary grenade has received both visual and functional enhancements:

New Visual Treatment: The explosion and flames of the incendiary grenade have been given a visual overhaul. Players will notice a more realistic and visually impressive effect, adding to the immersive experience of the game.

Reduced Spread and Duration: The spread of the flames and the duration of the incendiary effect have been reduced. This change aims to make the grenade more tactical, requiring precise placement and timing to maximize its effectiveness.

Map Updates: Vertigo’s A-Site

Vertigo’s A-site has undergone significant changes, reflecting ongoing efforts to keep maps balanced and engaging:

New Layout for Vertigo A-site: The revamped A-site is now featured in Wingman matches. See the new entrance to the A-site in the picture below.

Kilowatt Collection: Rental Option

Fans of the Kilowatt Collection have a new reason to rejoice. The update introduces a unique feature for case openings:

Rent the Entire Collection: When opening a Kilowatt case with a key, players now have the option to rent the entire collection for a week (excluding the rare special item). This allows players to try out all the weapons in the collection without committing to a single item. However, rented weapons cannot be modified with stickers or nametags.

Additional Changes

The update also includes a variety of other improvements and fixes:

Quality of Life Improvements for Demo Playback: Reviewing past matches has become smoother with enhanced demo playback features.

Smarter Chickens: The in-game chickens have received AI tweaks, making them slightly more intelligent and adding a touch of fun to the game.

Various Bug Fixes: As always, the update comes with numerous bug fixes, addressing community-reported issues and improving overall game stability.

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