Conquer Instagram Like a Final Boss With This Powerful Tool

We've all seen it - gaming has blown up on Instagram over the last few years. Gaming posts have increased by over 800% since 2017.

We all follow or at least know of mega-popular gaming influencers like Ninja, Pokimane, and Pewdiepie.

Gaming meme pages are huge on Instagram, too. You've probably laughed at a few gaming memes in your Explore feed. Livestreaming games, especially mobile games, are also massively popular in Asian countries and beyond. Last year alone, over 270 million hours of gaming content was livestreamed worldwide on Instagram.

Another trend you may have noticed is cosplay. The #cosplay hashtag has over 56 million posts! According to a study last year, 68% of gamers said they follow gaming influencers and trends on Instagram. 

Game publishers and esports organisations are also using Instagram more and more to connect with fans. Over 75% of gaming brands now have Instagram profiles where they promote their stuff directly to their community. So Instagram has really become a go-to place for gamers and gaming culture.

How to find worthy content on Instagram

You can start by following the top esports gamers or influencers. Official games like CSGO or LOL have social media pages where the admins share the latest news and short gaming sessions. These are also viable for creating new connections. 

Another approach is to find lesser-known but still talented gamers to follow. Check the profiles of commenters on posts from top gamers and the followers of big esports organisations. Often, you’ll uncover up-and-coming gamers producing great content who just need more exposure. You can also look at the friends and collaborators of your favourite gamers. Those within a gamer’s circle often create similar types of content.

Finally, engage with the Instagram gaming community by commenting on posts and checking post tags. Spotting trends and being a part of gaming conversations leads you to discover new streamers and gaming content creators. You’ll organically start to find more and more accounts that match your specific interests in gaming, whether that’s Fortnite tricks, speedruns, retro gaming, or more. The more you interact, the better your recommendations become.

How to save the content for later

But what do you do when you want to ensure you still have the Insta post? 

Whether you’re a gamer or just passionate about social media, using a tool that allows you to download high-quality Instagram content can help you a lot. This flexibility permits you to reuse and create custom content and organise your media gallery based on your preferences. Furthermore, with a secure tool such as InstaDLL, you can save and repost a copy of your favourite gaming moments even if the original content gets edited or deleted.

Say you come across a hilarious behind-the-scenes gaming Reel that's leaked but will get taken down. With InstaDLL, you can quickly download that video and keep it. 

If you see a pro gamer share an awesome new strategy for League of Legends, you can use the tool to save that post and try it out yourself later.

Gaming and social media

Whether you're an OG fascinated with retro games or only play next-gen, Instagram is the place to show off your talents and join a crew that loves gaming like you do. The community celebrates successes, no matter what platform or genre you play.

So next time you achieve a speedrun world record or win a Victory Royale, share it with your Instagram comrades. The connections you build may even give you a better chance at taking home the grand prize in the next Twitch Rivals. Level up your gaming life both online and offline with Instagram tools. 

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