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The BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 are now locked in

The groups for this year BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 have just been released.

BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 groups are now locked in. The opening match is between the French/Danish roster Team Vitality and OG.

The three groups look like this:

Group A: Vitality - OG - NIP - Astralis

Group B: NAVI - Complexity - G2 - LIquid

Group C: FaZe Clan - Evil Geniuses - Heoric - BIG

Group Stage: The first games are a double elimination bo1 game. The first place in the group qualifies for the knockout finals, while second to fourth place in the group will have to fight their way through the knockout stage.

Playoffs: In the playoffs, it's a knockout stage: Single elimination best of three maps. Round two and round three losing teams go to the Last Chance stage (single elimination Bo3) to determine the last 3 teams that qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 on Nov 23rd - Nov 27th.

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