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The best smokes on each map in CS2

See all the essential smokes to learn in the new game.

The new volumetric smoke in CS2 has forced Counter-Strike players to learn all the smoke lineups again, but also realize that some of the best and most powerful smokes in CS:GO are no longer viable in the new game. The one-way smokes are not gone, but they are much harder to utilize than before.

Since Valve has already changed the new smoke once during the beta version there are no guarantees, that they wouldn't do it again.

Down below we have gathered some of the best smokes for each map of CS2. Learn them before your enemy!

Best smokes, grenades, and flashes on Mirage

Inferno smokes, grenades, and flashes

Nuke grenades, smokes, and flashes

Flashes, smokes, and grenades on Overpass

Ancient grenades, smokes, and flashes

Best smokes, grenades, and flashes on Anubis

Vertigo smokes

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