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The best of the best with the Flashbang

Flashes are one of the most important things to learn to use in CS:GO, but it is also one of the most difficult things to learn!

You won’t see a professional match without a wild amount of utility in use, because most of the team's tactics are from the use of their utility to confuse or distract the opponent to give themselves the upper hand in the situations.

The Flash is one of the most used utilities in CS:GO, and it is the cheapest, but also one of the most effective ways to overcome your opponent. If you flash your opponent, you have a few seconds where they can't see or hear anything around them, which gives the player the opportunity to kill the opponents.

The best flashers from CS:GO – In the last 12 months

gla1ve – Opp flashed: 2.64s

tabsen – opp flashed: 2.52s

cadiaN – opp flashed: 2.36s

Aleksib – opp flashed: 2.23s

NiKo – opp flashed: 2.13s   

Watch a video here with some pro flashes:

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