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Astralis put down toothless Panthers

device and co. cruise through the Semi-Final, defeating FURIA 2-0.

There wasn’t any doubt, which team was the best contestant on the server owing to a complete dominance from Astralis, where the Danes for the first time displayed their 6-man roster with the in-game substitution by Bubzkji.

There should not go many rounds in the match before we saw, that Astralis’ map pick of Overpass was a clear punish pick for the Danes. Astralis ran over FURIA’s CT-side in the first half, giving the Brazilians no chance to set up a continuous defence. The key factor for Astralis was their star player Nicolai “device” Reedtz who outclassed the entire FURIA side, winning nearly every duel he was in. The powerful AWP’er led Astralis to a convincing 16-7 win, finishing the map with a 1.76 rating and a striking 125.3 ADR.  

Astralis subs Bubzkji with Xyp9x going into Nuke. This is Bubzkji’s first official match in over 3 months.

It was a big surprise for everyone when Astralis announced that Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen was being subbed in for Xyp9x on the second map of Nuke. However, it shouldn’t go many rounds before we saw why. Bubzkji and the rest of Astralis completely took over the server, through a high-paced CT-side that left FURIA stunned and 0-8 behind. The dominance continued, and the substitute in Bubzkji joined the dangerous duo of device and dupreeh, setting up an impeccable 16-6 win on Nuke by also securing the clean 2-0 sweep over FURIA.

The Grand Final at DreamHack Masters Winter between Astralis and mousesports will be played Sunday at 16:00 (CET).

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