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Antwerp and Stockholm Stickers plummet after release of Paris Stickers

Some investors took gigantic losses this weekend.

Investing in stickers had been a win for almost anyone in 2023 with prices just skyrocketing. But that all changed this weekend with the release of the Paris Major stickers.

The main reason was the design of the stickers that was done in the same style as the Stockholm and Antwerp stickers. Had the Paris Stickers resembled the Rio Stickers, things would probably be very different.

The new borderless Paris Stickers are expected to be released on sale after the completion of the Major for $0,25 a piece. That price has caused the price of both the Antwerp and Stockholm stickers to crash.

Price before and after the release of the Paris Stickers:

Antwerp Legends Capsule: $2.26 => $1.10

Stockholm Challenger Capsule: $12.06 => $4.58

MOUZ (holo) Stockholm: $120 => $36.51

Should you invest in Paris Stickers?

With the recent crash in mind, you should never build your economy around investing in stickers and capsules. The market is largely unregulated with Valve having the right and privilege of deciding what to release and what not. This means that any investment, in theory, could be made unprofitable if Valve decides to re-release or put old items into new packs or to alter the way they drop weapons cases to take another example.

The Paris Major will be the last CS:GO Major in history, before CS2 takes over next year with the Copenhagen Major in March 2024. With the next Major being 10 months away, there could be a potential for the Paris Stickers to gain some attraction on the market as time goes by.

In this video, you can see how the price of the Antwerp Major Capsules developed after they went on sale. Here the cheapest capsules ended up costing only $0.20 before they eventually began to raise on the market.

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