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Ancient: Created in homage to the 1.6 classic Aztec

Ancient was created by Valve and introduced on December 3rd, 2020 as part of the Broken Fang operation.


Ancient is the newest map in the Active Duty Map Pool. Clearly created in homage to the 1.6 classic Aztec, Ancient replaced Train in the map pool on May 3rd 2021.

On May 3rd 2021, Valve decided to revamp the Active Duty Map Pool with the addition of a new location called Ancient. Ancient is still a relatively new location in CS:GO that was released as part of the Broken Fang update. Ancient didn’t make the cut for ranked queues in the beginning, but got available for competitive games three months after its release. The murky map is reminiscent of CS 1.6 map Aztec, while the grey base pays homage to Cobblestone. Ancient is an easily likeable map for older CS:GO players due to the familiar design.

Astralis vs FPX - First pro match on Ancient

The first ever de_ancient game being played in a Tier 1 tournament was between Astralis and FPX. It was a wild bo1 game with tons of preparation from both teams, but with no information on how each other play. FPX did good considering the scoreline, and they showed that they’re capable of creating good game decisions even when they did not drill everything out properly yet. 

Watch the first Ancient pro match right here: 

All-time best player stats

1.     rallen | 11 Maps | 308 Rounds | +41 K-D Diff | 1.20 K/D | 1.22 Rating

2.     Hobbit | 7 Maps | 182 Rounds | +17 K-D Diff | 1.15 K/D | 1.20 Rating

3.     zorte | 9 Maps | 250 Rounds | +44 K-D Diff | 1.30 K/D | 1.15 Rating

4.     FL1T | 9 Maps | 250 Rounds | +11 K-D Diff | 1.07 K/D | 1.12 Rating

5.     nafany | 7 Maps | 182 Rounds | +6 K-D Diff | 1.05 K/D | 1.12 Rating

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