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Analyst on Asian RMR: It’s insulting to the players with only four teams

Are four teams enough for the Asian/Oceanic Major qualifier?

Sudhen "Bleh" Wahengbam, CS:GO caster and analyst, has called out ESL for their handling of the Asian RMR tournament for the upcoming Major in Rio.

The 35-year-old points out that the tournament organizer only has handed out four spots for the Asian and Oceanic teams, contrary to EU and Americas who have been given 32 and 12 spots respectively.

Bleh explains that he doesn’t “asks for more slots at the major” but only for the possibility to get more teams to the Major qualifier (RMR).

We're not even asking for more slots at the major. Just increase the number of teams playing the RMR. Just 4 is insulting to all the players who are still playing in a region that has been completely neglected and where the game is on life support - Bleh on Twitter.

Another analyst and expert, Janko Paunovic have also touched on the matter agreeing with Bleh's take by saying that

"this HAS to be addressed for the next RMR cycle, it should’ve been fixed for this one too, no idea why it hasn’t been" on Twitter.

Rare Atom, Grayhound, IHC, and Jijie International are the only teams set to compete at the Asian RMR. The tournament will be played in Melbourne, Australia from the 7th-9th of October.

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